Animal Crossing New Horizons

24 Feb 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Find And Use Mushrooms

New Horizons just experienced its massive Halloween event, where the Czar of Halloween came to the island and surprised all players.

Now, we are in November and this means an ample amount of new fish, bugs, and creatures have appeared on the island.

Not only are new critters here, but mushrooms have now appeared on the Northern hemisphere islands. 

These mushrooms can be used for a wide array of tasks.

Here's how to find them!


There are a total of five mushrooms that have been added to the game, according to

These include: 

  • Flat Mushroom (Sell Price: 200 Bells)
  • Rare Mushroom (Sell Price: 16,000 Bells)
  • Round Mushroom (Sell Price: 200 Bells)
  • Skinny Mushroom (Sell Price: 300 Bells)
  • Elegant Mushroom (Sell Price: 10,000 Bells)

Where To Find

Here are all the methods of finding these five types of mushrooms.

These mushrooms can be used for crafting incredible items to spice up your island! 

Flat, Round, Skinny and Elegant

Four of the five mushrooms can be found randomly throughout your island everyday.

Each day at around 5:00 am, a new batch of mushrooms will spawn around some of the trees located on your island.

It will be completely random into which mushrooms spawn there, so you may get some Elegant Mushrooms right away.

Rare Mushrooms

These mushrooms will not spawn above ground however, in order to find these you are going to need to do some digging.

In fact, a spot will be marked by an 'X' where the Rare Mushrooms are more than likely hiding.

Be sure to get all of these, as they are Rare!