Animal Crossing New Horizons 22 Aug 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Find ‘Pirate Gulliver’ (Gullivarrr) And All Rewards


If a Gulliver doppelganger washes up on your shore in a red pirate outfit, that’s not Gulliver but another seagull — Gullivarrr, naturally.


He’s lost his communicator, and he needs your help to find it. Just like you go swimming and diving for small sea creatures, you’ll need to watch for bubbles in the water and dive (with the Y button) to find the lost communication device.

Here’s what you need to know about Gullivarrr.

How To Find ‘Pirate Gulliver,’ Or Gullivarrr

“After purchasing a Wet Suit for the first time,” the Animal Crossing wiki explains, Gullivarrr will wash up on the beach like Gulliver and offer items from the pirate set for helping him find his lost communicator. Instead of digging up the beach to find multiple communicator parts, the player will have to dive in the ocean to find the communicator itself.”

The wiki goes on to say that Gullivarrr “will only appear once per week, and can even appear during the same week as Gulliver. Gulliver and Gullivarrr will not appear on consecutive days.”

Gullivarrr Rewards List

According to the Animal Crossing wiki, Gullivarrr will reward with any of the items in the “pirate set” that arrived with the game’s big summer update. (Note that some of the items come in a variety of colors.)

These include:

  • Pirate-ship cannon
  • Pirate-treasure chest
  • Sideways pirate barrel
  • Pirate-ship helm
  • Pirate barrel
  • Pirate floor
  • Pirate wall
  • Pirate rug
  • Pirate eye patch
  • Pirate dress
  • Pirate treasure robe
  • Pirate boots
  • Pirate pants
  • Pirate bandana
  • Pirate beard
  • Pirate treasure crown
  • Pirate outfit
  • Pirate sea-captain coat
  • Pirate hat

It’s a good time for a swim — in Animal Crossing, that is. Happy hunting.

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