Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update: Release Date, DIY Recipes, Items And Everything We Know

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Fall has arrived in Animal Crossing New Horizons and although this seasonal change maybe a few weeks away in the real world, it's kicked off in the virtual one.

This season, like the Summer update, is filled with plenty of new recipes, items and critters to collect.


September kicks things off with a flurry of changes as we transition into the new season.

Here's what's coming in the Fall Season.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update Release Date

The Fall Update is now live on Nintendo Switch and will continue to be live up until the end of November 2020.

What's Coming In The Fall Update?

While the update is not as lucrative as the Summer Update, players can expect a flurry of new items and changes to the island.

Weeds and trees will change colour to reflect the latest seasonal change, turning an auburn colour.


Players can also collect acorns and pinecones from trees to be crafted into seasonal items

Later in Fall (mid-November) trees will change and allow you to collect Maple Leaves to create even more fall-themed furniture.

More DIY recipes will also be available in balloons.

Lastly, in October mushrooms will start to appear on your island around Hardwood trees or hidden underground.

The Summer season got two updates, so we could see something similar happen this Fall!

DIY Recipes

Here are all new Fall themed items:

  • Yellow-leaf pile (3 Acorns, 5 Weeds)
  • Pile of Leaves (3 Pine Cones, 5 Weeds)
  • Leaf Campfire (3 Pine Cones, 5 Weeds, 3 Tree Branches)
  • Traditional Balancing Toy (4 Acorn and 2 Hardwood)
  • Tree's Bounty Lamp (6 Acorn, 4 Clay)
  • Tree's Bounting Little Tree (1 Hardwood, 4 Acorns, 6 Pine Cones)
  • Pine Bonsai Tree (8 Pine Cone, 5 Clay)
  • Tree's Bounty Mobile (2 Pine Cones, 3 Acorns, 3 Tree Branches)
  • Acorn Pochette (6 Acorns)
  • Mush Wall (1 Elegant Mushroom, 1 Round Mushroom, 1 Skinny Mushroom, 1 Flat Mushroom)
  • Forest Flooring (1 Rare Mushroom, 2 Round Mushrooms, 2 Skinny Mushroom, 2 Flat Mushrooms, 10 Weeds)
  • Forest Wall (2 Elegant Mushrooms, 2 Round Mushrooms, 2 Skinny Mushrooms, 2 Flat Mushrooms, 10 Wood)
  • Mush Lamp (1 Skinny Mushroom, 5 Clay)
  • Mush Low Stool (2 Round Mushrooms)
  • Mush Parasol (3 Flat Mushrooms)
  • Mush Partition (3 Skinny Mushrooms)
  • Mush Table (2 Flat Mushrooms, 6 Wood)
  • Mush Umbrella (3 Flat Mushrooms)
  • Mushroom Wand (3 Skinny Mushrooms, 3 Star Fragments)
  • Mushroom Wreath (10 Tree Branches, 1 Round Mushroom, 1 Skinny Mushroom, 1 Flat Mushroom)
  • Mush Log (2 Skinny Mushrooms, 1 Log Stool)
  • Autumn Wall (10 Maple Leaves, 5 Wood, 5 Weeds)
  • Colored-Leaves Flooring (10 Maple Leaves, 15 Weeds)
  • Leaf Stool (3 Maple Leaves, 3 Wood)
  • Maple-Leaf Pochette (6 Maple Leaves)
  • Maple-Leaf Pond Stone (10 Stone, 3 Maple Leaves)
  • Maple-Leaf Umbrella (7 Maple Leaves)
  • Red-Leaf Pile (3 Maple Leaves, 4 Weeds)
  • Tree's Bounty Arch (4 Pine Cones, 5 Acorns, 5 Maple Leaves, 15 Tree Branches)
  • Tree's Bounty Big Tree (5 Pine Cones, 4 Acorns, 4 Maple Leaves, 8 Tree Branches, 4 Clay)

September Update

September celebrates the Grape-picking festival - you can read what's coming in September here.

New Bugs, Fish and Sea Creatures are available in-game for the month of September!

Here's what's new, where to find them and how much they sell for.