Animal Crossing New Horizons

24 Feb 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons: All New Bugs, Fish and Sea Creatures Arriving in February

A brand new Animal Crossing New Horizons update is coming soon.

This new update is going to implement tons of content for the month of January and February.

The latter is the second month of 2021 and will be here next week.

Like any month, new bugs, fish, and sea creatures will be arriving and leaving your island.

Here are all of them for the North and South Hemispheres! 


Northern Hemisphere 


There are no fish arriving on your island if you live within the Northern Hemisphere! 



  • Tiger Beetle - 1500 Bells


Sea Creatures 

There are no new sea creatures for the month of February. 


Southern Hemisphere


  • Soft-Shelled Turtle - 3750 Bells
  • Moray Eel - 2000 Bells
  • Ray - 3000 Bells



  • Migratory Locust - 600 Bells
  • Rice Grasshopper - 160 Bells
  • Walker Cicada - 400 Bells


Sea Creatures

  • Flatworm - 700 Bells


February has an ample amount of content in store for players. Not only are there a decent amount of bugs, fish and sea creatures coming to your island. There is also the brand new Festivale event going to begin very soon.

In case you do not know about the event, check out our full guide to the event here!