Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Bugs Arriving and Leaving in January

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A player catches a common tiger butterfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is known for its encyclopaedia of bugs and fish for players to collect, sell, and show off. However, the colourful creatures across your island will regularly change with the passing months and seasons. During January – the middle of winter – which bugs should you expect to find scattered across your island?

In this guide, we explain which bugs arrive and leave your island (across both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres) during January.


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January Bugs: Northern Hemisphere

In Animal Crossing New Horizons northern islands, there appears to be no new fish coming or leaving the Northern Hemisphere during January. This only happens occasionally, so you're in luck if you have not caught all the fish for the winter months!

January Bugs: Southern Hemisphere

Islands located in the Southern Hemisphere of Animal Crossing New Horizons, however, will have some new bugs to go about acquiring. And one to bid farewell to.

Bugs Arriving

  • Grasshopper - Ground
  • Brown Cicada - Trees
  • Robust Cicada - Trees
  • Giant Cicada - Trees
  • Evening Cicada - Trees
  • Cicada Shell - Trees
  • Blue Weevil Beetle - Palm Trees
  • Earth-boring Dung Beetle - Ground
  • Scarab Beetle - Trees
  • Saw Stag - Trees 
  • Miyama Stag - Trees
  • Giant Stag - Trees
  • Cyclommatus Stag - Palm Trees
  • Golden Stag - Palm Trees
  • Giraffe Stag - Palm Trees
  • Horned Dynastid - Palm Trees
  • Horned Atlas - Palm Trees
  • Horned Elephant - Palm Trees
  • Horned Hercules - Palm Trees
  • Walking Stick - Trees
  • Walking Leaf - Leaves 

Bugs Leaving

  • Honeybee - Flying

Those are all the bugs coming or leaving Animal Crossing New Horizons within January for both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Good luck with catching them all and filling out your museum. While you're at it and enjoying the final glimpse of winter, check out how to unlock Brewster's café, how to build a perfect snowboy, and make sure to collect all the Christmas ornament recipes available!


 This article was updated on 3rd January 2022 by Kelsey Raynor. Contributions from Nick Farrell.