Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Villager Birthdays in November

Villagers are great companions and friends to have on your Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Every villager has their own unique personality that can make you love them or loathe them very quickly. Just like us, your villagers will have their own birthdays to celebrate in the game and you don't want to miss them. We're here to show you all villager birthdays in November!

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All Villager Birthdays in November

We have listed all of the villager birthdays for November and their exact date so that you can be sure to celebrate with your Island favourite if you have them.

  • 1st: Butch
  • 2nd: Iggly
  • 3rd: Snake
  • 4th: Lucky
  • 5th: Lobo
  • 6th: Boris
  • 7th: Bam
  • 8th: Alli
  • 9th: Pongo
  • 10th: Rodney
  • 11th: Mac
  • 12th: Mathilda
  • 13th: Queenie
  • 14th: Pancetti
  • 15th: Sly
  • 16th: Daisy
  • 17th: Mallary
  • 18th: Tia
  • 19th: Amelia
  • 20th: Sparro
  • 21st: Flip
  • 22nd: Claudia
  • 23rd: Knox
  • 24th: Shep
  • 25th: Wolfgang
  • 26th: Willow
  • 27th: Phil
  • 28th: Peaches
  • 29th: Kabuki
  • 30th: Tasha

How Do Birthdays Work?

When a villager has their birthday, you can go and visit them in their house to celebrate with them. They will have a little party laid out in their house with birthday-themed decor and one other villager is usually there too.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bam Birthday Party November 7
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You can either go straight to the party or you can pick up a present for them before you attend. You can buy wrapping paper from Nook's Cranny to wrap your gift in for that extra special touch. Giving them a gift will significantly increase your friendship with the villager. If it's one you like and want to stick around for a long time then taking time to celebrate with them is worth it.

Villager interactions like birthdays are only a small part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There is so much for you to do on your Island and we have a few guides that can help. We have a guide on how to get mushrooms and a guide on how to catch a shark too!

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