Among Us On Chromebook: How To Play On Google's Laptop

Among Us continues to be one of the most popular multiplayer games out there, playable on a number of systems, and is really addictive, not to mention a fun meme machine.

You can currently get Among Us for free on the Epic Games store and if you haven’t yet, definitely check it out since it’s a fun time with friends, at the very least.

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Among Us On Chromebook: How To Play On Google's Laptop

While Among Us is available on PC that doesn’t mean it’s available on all computers, with many wondering if they can play it on their Chromebook laptop.

Honestly, it will depend on the kind of Chromebook laptop you have but if it lets you download and use Android apps through the Google Play store, you’re all set.

Go to the Google Play store and if you can find Among Us on the service, you’ll be able to play it with friends.

Once again, it will depend on your Chromebook and if it can support Android apps in the first place so if it doesn’t, you’re better off playing it on your phone or your game system.

Playing Among Us on your computer/laptop is a bit ideal since the mobile version can be a bit messy since your screen touches can ruin a game if you’re not careful.

We imagine that being able to play Among Us on your Chromebook would be appealing since it’s way easier to play here than a mobile phone, though we’re sure it would also be fun on the Switch.

Among Us is available now on a variety of platforms.

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