How To Get 15-Player Lobby In Among Us

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Among Us was already a huge game as it allowed up to 10 players for some “find the sus” action and it ended up becoming one of the most popular games during the pandemic, saving plenty of us from loneliness.

It seems like the hype around Among Us isn’t gonna die down, even with the pandemic dying down, as the game continues to receive update after update, with the next one allowing 15 players and three killers in one session.

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How To Get 15-Player Lobby In Among Us

Naturally, Among Us players are curious as to how you can set up a 15-player game in a lobby.

First off, players will have to wait for the Among Us June 15 update in order to have 15 players in a lobby, and then they should be able to make lobbies for that number of players.

The option will be available right away so make sure your game is updated soon and don’t be impatient, though we doubt Among Us players are itching to play a game on a Tuesday night.

Players who have been playing Among Us for a while now will have no problem setting up a 15-player lobby, they’ll just have to update the game in order to execute that action.

It will be interesting to see if this is a precursor for more players to be added, with many Among Us fans hoping for 20-player, maybe 30-player, lobbies in the near future.

Maybe it shouldn’t have that many players because things can get messy but 15-player Among Us games with 3 killers should be a hoot.

Among Us is now available on Mobile, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, with a PS4 version coming soon.