Is Amazon Luna Available in the UK?

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Amazon Luna’s early access commenced last October 2020 but was only available by invitation. But it is now a totally different story today, with the app expanding its early access via online request.

Yes, those who want to try Amazon’s cloud gaming service may request access via the original Amazon website. But is this available for users from the UK?

Keep reading to know if Amazon Luna is available in the UK.

Is Amazon Luna Available in the UK?

As of the moment of the writing, Amazon Luna is still not available in the UK because the service is still in its early access. Only users based in the US may be able to have access to the game streaming service.

But we’ll surely update you if it will come anytime soon here in the UK. Follow us for the latest news and updates about Amazon Luna!

Amazon Luna Early Access

In order for US users to try and test this, they must request access through the official Amazon website.

If they would get a chance to do so, they may opt to avail either the standard $5.99 Luna+ option or the $15 Ubisoft+ channel wherein you may play more game titles thanks to the additional games under Ubisoft. There is also the Luna controller available for $49.99.

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