Aliens: Fireteam Weapons Guide - Every Gun Confirmed

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Aliens: Fireteam, the upcoming third-person co-op shooter from Cold Iron Studios, will let players loose with the famous pulse rifle and flamethrower from the iconic movie franchise.

That's not all, though, as developer Cold Iron Studios has revealed plenty of weapons to fight off the Xenomorphs.


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Aliens: Fireteam Weapons Guide - Every Gun Confirmed

As per the game's Twitter account, here are the confirmed weapons so far:

M41A2 Pulse Rifle


Famously designed by a retired Colonial Marine based on battlefield experience, three decades of incremental refinement have kept the redoubtable M41 on the front lines.

M42A3 Sniper Rifle

One of the finest sniper weapons in existence, the A3 is a specialized variant of the M42, with an extended barrel, advanced optics, and stabilization features that permit engagement at greater range.


DT-57 Medved

A shotgun Manufactured by Hyperdyne Systems and designed in the Union of Progressive Peoples, provided free to their colonial militia units, and sold abroad under license.

Type 78 Burst Pistol


Manufactured by Weyland Yutani. Like all 3WE weapons of bullpup configuration, it's an "acquired taste" within United Americas forces. Those who can adjust swear by it. The rest consider it overpriced and inconvenient.

OCAP-91 Volcan

A militarized flame unit manufactured by Hyperdyne and originally designed by collective farmers of Domingos Martins to clear “razor-coil” - a hard, thorny vine native to the moon. It is underslung and mounted on an arm.


L56A3 Smartgun

The L56A3 Smartgun manufactured by Weyland-Yutani is a variant of the M56 Smartgun originally developed for the Colonial Marines. It uses metamaterials to reduce the mass and bulk of the support harness.