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Aliens: Fireteam Weapons Include Pulse Rifle and Flamethrower, And Plenty More

Aliens: Fireteam, the upcoming third-person co-op shooter from Cold Iron Studios, will let players loose with the famous pulse rifle and flamethrower from the iconic movie franchise.

That comes from IGN.com's extended preview period, which shows off half a dozen weapons that we can cling to when they start 'coming out of the walls'.


Aliens: Fireteam Weapons Include Pulse Rifle and Flamethrower, And Plenty More

According to IGN's preview, the M41A2 Pulse Rifle, introduced in Aliens, will be a key part of any Marine's arsenal.

There's also a shotgun, the DT-57 Medved, for when the Xenomorphs get up close and personal – and it's likely to be ideal for thinning the swarm.

There's also a burst-fire pistol developed by Weyland-Yutani, and the hefty L56A3 Smartgun – likely best suited to tearing through the biggest nasties.

As you'd imagine for a modern-day videogame, there's a sniper rifle, too, although we'd be worried about losing sight of our immediate surroundings when aiming down the sights.

Finally, the OCAP-91 Volcan is "Widely used for aggressive containment of invasive species" according to IGN, which sounds like a very scientific way of saying "kill it with fire".

IGN notes that there are "many, many" more, but we'll likely have to wait until the game launches later this year.

For everything we know about Aliens: Fireteam, check out our page here.

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