Alien Isolation 2 - Leaks, Rumours, Release, Developer And Everything We Know

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Alien Isolation is one of the most beloved games in the franchise and beloved by both critics and gamers, but will we ever see an Alien Isolation 2? Rumours have slowly started to emerge about the game and fans have been hoping for a sequel for a while.

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Here is everything we know and have hard about a possible Alien Isolation 2.

Latest Rumours


The latest suggestion about Alien Isolation 2 comes from the website Small Screen who say that sources close to Disney have revealed to them that the company (who now own FOX and the Alien IP) are shopping for developers to make the game.

This would mean that the team behind the first game, Creative Assembly, are likely not working on it if this rumor is indeed true. Currently, Creative Assembly is hard at work on multiple projects including the Total War series and a new IP, which is a science-fiction shooter.

Keep in mind that this website doesn't have any track record of previous leaks being confirmed, so you should take all of this was a grain of salt right now and wait for an official announcement from Disney.

Potential Release Window

If Alien Isolation 2 is in development or being shipped around by Disney then we shouldn't expect a release for years. The game is likely not even in pre-production yet, let alone actual development.

With how games have become more complex and now take more time to develop we wouldn't be looking at a release until sometime in the middle of the decade - 2024 to 2025 at the earliest.

Potential Developer


When it comes to who would be on board to develop a game like Alien Isolation 2, we have a few suggestions, including Creative Assembly, the developers of the original game. Although, as we mentioned above, they are busy working on other projects.

If Creative Assembly is busy, then a developer like Bloober Team seems like a good fit, as they have developed other horror-adjacent titles like Observer and The Medium, which has a similarly slow and methodical gameplay style.

Other possibilities include the team behind the Amnesia franchise, Frictional Games and Red Barrels, who have developed both Outlast games and the upcoming The Outlast Trials.

Upcoming Alien Games

The Alien franchise has taken a few years off, but it is set to return later this year with Aliens Fireteam, a co-operative third-person shooter set to launch this summer on consoles and PC.

You can catch up with all the information that has been revealed so far for the game here.