Popular F2P Retro-Inspired MMORPG Albion Online Releases on Mobile Next Week

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Years after its 2017 PC launch, an Albion Online mobile release date has finally been set in stone. The retro-inspired F2P MMORPG is officially coming to iOS and Android on June 9 with full cross-play functionality across every available platform. The news comes directly from German developer Sandbox Interactive, and there's plenty of free bonuses up for grabs as part of the release celebrations.

Albion Online coming to mobile platforms is the culmination of years of promise. The game itself, which gained immediate popularity and interest for its retro-style graphics and similarities to classic web-based MMORPG Runescape, was originally pitched as a cross-platform title that could be played on both PC and mobile devices from the get-go.

What's the Difference Between the New and Old Albion Online Mobile Version?

A version of Albion Online has been available to download on Android directly from the game's website for some time, but the June 9 Albion Online mobile release date will mark official support for the mobile build. That means no more downloading APK files from a website and enabling third-party installs on your device.

How to Pre-Register and Download Albion Online on Mobile

From next week, you'll simply be able to grab and update the game from the Google Play and iOS App Stores like any other major release. From there, you'll be able to use your device's preferred payment processing method to pick up any little in-game extras for your future adventures.

Pre-registration is available right now. Just go into your usual app store, set your device to download the game automatically whenever it becomes available, and you'll be good to go the moment it releases. And yes, Albion Online is fully crossplay enabled.

Albion Online Mobile Release In-Game Rewards

Anyone who logs into both the desktop and mobile versions of the game anytime after launch on June 9 will back themselves a bunch of in-game goodies, including a Chimera Riding Horse Skin to kit out your mount, and 100,000 Fame worth of Tomes of Insight (basically experience points) to toss at your character for a nice little boost.


Given much of Albion Online revolves around its player-driven economy, those Fame boosts will go a long way in helping new players carve out their place in the in-game world. The mount skill will just let them do it in style.

Existing players can make the most of the release by recruiting friends to claim even more goodies; including a skin you can use to get your very own German Shepard mount.

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