Armored Core 6 mechs in a line.

All hidden parts locations in Armored Core 6

11 Sep 2023
Some mechs in Armored Core 6.
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Armored Core 6 players can’t believe an overpowered weapon didn’t receive a Patch 1.02 nerf

11 Sep 2023
An Armored Core from Armored Core 6 in The Lands Between.
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Elden Ring modders have managed to port one of Armored Core 6’s mechs into The Lands Between

04 Sep 2023
Spyro the Dragon surprised as a second Spyro skateboards past behind him

Spyro 4 is finally in development, and the perfect devs are behind it

28 Mar 2024
Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon in front of a mystical evil castle

No, Xbox hasn’t killed Spyro and Crash’s devs, but things don’t look good

08 Feb 2024
A screenshot of Spyro in Skyrim.
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Stray Modder Replaces Cat With Spyro the Dragon

29 Jul 2022
Red Dead Redemption PC - John Marston aiming a revolver in front of a sunset

Rockstar Brings Red Dead Redemption to PC players 14 Years Late

14 May 2024
John Marston aiming a shotgun at the Rockstar Games logo
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New Red Dead Redemption update adds 60 FPS

04 Oct 2023
Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan on red background and Arthur Morgan riding horse
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Red Dead Redemption 2 on Nintendo Switch leaked by Brazilian rating board

26 Sep 2023
Starfield gameplay screenshot showing a blue-haired woman taking cover and aiming a double-barrel shotgun towards the screen

Starfield Fans Discover Evidence of Game-Changing Update

03 Jun 2024
Starfield protagonist standing with their arms out wide next to Akila City

Bethesda’s Latest Starfield Update Isn’t Too Little, But May Be Too Late

16 May 2024
The Starfield protagonist looking at themselves as they enter the Unity

Huge Starfield Update Adds 60FPS, Ship Decorations, Maps and more

01 May 2024
Conor McGregor facing off against Agent 47 in Hitman Elusive Target

You Can Now Assassinate Conor McGregor in Hitman

27 Jun 2024
A key art for Hitman: Blood Money showing Agent 47 in a suit on a red background

The best Hitman game comes to Nintendo Switch this month

11 Jan 2024
James Bond in the Bond fun barrel
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Hitman devs’ new James Bond game will channel Daniel Craig’s seriousness

03 Nov 2023