Absurdle Word - how to find the answer

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Image of an Absurdle guess in progress, with several orange and grey tiles

If the daily five-letter guessing task of this year's big new social word game is just a bit too simple, then finding the Absurdle word for today is definitely the next step up. While it may look very similar to the game it's based upon at first glance, the mechanics behind Absurdle are a lot sneakier. These puzzles will require all your brainpower to solve.

Our Absurdle word guide will not only run through how answers work in this game but will also explain the process of actually playing it. On top of that, we'll give you some tips on what the best words are to guess on your first try, as well as detailing how you can play even more Absurdle if you just can't get enough.

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What is the Absurdle answer?

Put simply, there isn't a definitive daily Absurdle answer. Unlike Wordle and its spin-offs, the Absurdle word doesn't necessarily refresh every day. Instead, there's a rolling vocabulary. Any word can randomly appear when you log on for the day. Because they constantly refresh on a loop, you can do as many challenges per day as you want,

Therefore, we're sadly unable to create an exhaustive list of Absurdle solutions, for you to simply check each day to solve. Instead, it's a matter of logging in and seeing which target word you end up with, as it's very unlikely that everyone will have the same solution.

How do I play Absurdle?

You'll get the hang of Absurdle without any problems if you're at all familiar with the game it was inspired by.

When you first go onto the Absurdle website, you'll see five empty tiles you need to fill. Just put in a word and the colours of each tile will change, indicating whether they're in the right place, the wrong place, or not in the final word at all. Here's how the Absurdle colours correlate:

  • Orange: The letter is in the final word but currently in the wrong place
  • Green: The letter is in the final word and in the right place
  • Gray: The letter doesn't appear in the final word at all

Before you make a start, though, bear this in mind: the final Absurdle answer changes as you approach it.

If your first guess is quite close to the first word chosen by the game, then it'll change to something different to prolong your game. That means you'll often find yourself guessing a lot more than in regular Wordle - it's harder to get orange and green tiles right at the start.

The official website states that four guesses is generally the quickest way to solve Absurdle, because the game "prunes its internal list as little as possible, attempting to intentionally prolong the game as much as possible." There's no limit to the number of guesses you can make in one round, but the constantly fluctuating Absurdle answer will literally keep you guessing.

Image of a guess in progress in Absurdle, with one correct tile and several orange tiles
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What is the best Absurdle guess?

Since Absurdle reacts dynamically to your guesses, it's hard to determine a singular word that's best for your first guess. You could put a vowel-laden word like "AUDIO", only for the game to then change the target word in reaction to that.

Therefore, there isn't really a group of phrases that will guarantee you early success in Absurdle. Instead, you'll have to just use trial and error until you're a few guesses in, by which point the game will settle on a word to use.

At that point, you're free to close in on the Absurdle answer like you would any other big-hit word game of the last few weeks.

How do I play more Absurdle challenges?

As hinted at earlier, the good news is that you can play as many Absurdle challenges a day as you like. Even better, none of them requires fiddling with your device's clock and calendar settings, as you have to do in games like Quordle. Instead, once you're finished with the challenge you're currently on, you can simply hit the blue New Game button to go through the process again.

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