23 Apr 2021 3:22 PM +00:00

Returnal's PS5 Pre-Load Is Here: How To Download It As Fast As Possible

With less than a week to go until Returnal launches, there's plenty of hype surrounding this PS5 exclusive. Developed by Housemarque, this third-person shooter brings us a roguelike with psychological horror elements, where death means returning to the start of a time loop.

For those who've pre-ordered it digitally on the PlayStation Store, you can now get it pre-loaded. Fair warning though, it comes in at 56.101GB, which isn't the worst file size we've seen, but that's still pretty hefty. So, if you want to speed up your download, here's a few tricks we advise.

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Close All Games And Applications

If you've got multiple consoles, PCs or mobiles using your WiFi, those will take up bandwidth and inevitably slow down the process. Where possible, shut them down for now.

Put Your Console Into Rest Mode

Now, you might assume that a fully powered up console would download it faster. But, if turned on, that'll be checking for everything else like new messages and other updates, using up additional bandwidth. Just make sure you've turned on automatic downloads for rest mode.

Use An Ethernet Cable


Ethernet cables are the best way of getting a faster speed, directly connecting you to the router for maximum stability. We understand that - setup depending - this may be impractical at times, so if you can't do this, ideally aim to place your console as close as you can to the router.

Avoid Downloading The Update At Peak Times

Admittedly, this one is trickier whilst many of us are still working from home, thanks to the pandemic. But, if you can, we'd recommend downloading during the workday, as opposed to evenings. Most of us primarily use our WiFi connection at night when settling down to stream a film or play online, so perhaps let it download overnight.

Restart Your Router

If you've got frequent internet connection issues, a router restart will likely help, re-syncing hardware and software to ensure they're operating correctly.

Change Your DNS Settings

We'd only recommend this one if you know how to navigate advanced settings, but changing your DNS settings can improve download speeds. If you set up your DNS manually from Network Settings, inputting the Primary DNS as and the Secondary DNS as connects you using Google’s public DNS, which could help improve downloads.