Returnal: How to Get Past Red Vine Barriers

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When you're first starting out in Returnal you won't be able to access every area. You'll notice red vines in the first biome, usually blocking health items or Obolites. To help you get past these barriers we've put together this Returnal Red Vine Barrier guide. We'll explain how to break red vines, and what's behind them.

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Returnal: How to Get Past Red Vine Barriers

To get past the red vine barriers in Returnal you'll need the Atropian Blade. For more info on getting this, head to our Returnal Melee guide. Once you have the sword you will be able to press square to break red vines.

An image showing a red vine barrier in Returnal
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What's Behind the Red Vines?

The most common item you'll find behind Red Vine Barriers is health pickups. Silphium Resin is often hidden away in these areas. You may also find Obolites. Make sure to check your map for any hidden items as you play.


That's how to get through red vine barriers in Returnal. For more help with the game check out our guide on how Proficiency works. There's also our look at how to save your game progress.

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