Returnal House Key: How to Get Into the 20th Century House

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Of all the strange things you encounter in Returnal, the house is perhaps the strangest. It stands pristine in the first biome of the game, and can actually be open using a special item. To help you get inside the 20th Century House we've put together this Returnal House Key guide. We'll explain where to get the House Key and what you'll find inside. We'll mention the key location first, everything after that will be spoilers. You've been warned!

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Table of Contents

Where to Get the House Key in Returnal

To get the House Key in Returnal you will need to have reached the second biome in the game. It's called Crimson Wastes. We found that the key appeared on our first run after reaching this area, it appears right next to the house. It's likely that this is a scripted story beat. It's also possible that the artefacts unlock in a set order and that you will need to unlock a certain amount before getting the key. Given that you get a new house cutscene with each biome however, we think it is tied to unlocking the Crimson Wastes.

Selene stepping into the 20th Century House in Returnal


How to Enter the 20th Century House

Once you've picked up the House Key item you can head over to the front door and use it. Interact with the door and you will step inside. The house will now be unlocked for the future, but only appears every now and again.

What's Inside the House

The house is a perfectly preserved replica of Selene's house back home. As you explore its rooms you will learn more about Selene and her daughter. The objects you can interact with change as you progress through the story. Walk around and interact with what you can, before triggering the end of the scene.

That's how to get into the house in Returnal. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at how Proficiency works. Elsewhere there's our guide on unlocking the sword.