PUBG vs Warzone: Meet The Influencers (Sponsored)

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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (formerly PUBG) might have been the first breakthrough for the battle royale genre, but there’s no denying it’s a space that’s been growing over the last few years.

Its key competitor right now is Warzone, Call of Duty’s second crack at battle royale, and one of the game’s best up and coming streamers is Orionv7.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll see him learn from GaGod, one of the best PUBG players in the world, before attempting to surpass his master. But just who are they?

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Orionv7 has never played PUBG, but he’s had plenty of practice in battle royale having cultivated a following playing Warzone.

The first time he drops into the game on camera, it really is the first time, meaning he’ll need to learn the weapons, the controls, and the brand new Taego map from scratch - not to mention some strategy and patience to boot.


GaGod has been a force in PUBG for quite some time. Focused on unerring accuracy even while using a controller, he’s a seasoned veteran of the game, and is poised to offer his sage wisdom and cool head to Orion.


Not only will both streamers work together, but they’ll also come head-to-head.

The Winning Formula

Practice makes perfect - and with Orion’s experience level, he’s going to need a lot of it. PUBG plays unlike Warzone, demanding more patience, steady accuracy and a sense of strategy if he hopes to even have a crack at winning that chicken dinner.

The first episode sees the PUBG ‘noob’ get to grips with the basics of the game in both FPP (First Person Play) and TPP (Third Person Play). So how well do his Warzone skills translate? Let’s just say there will be a lot to learn.


Orionv7’s practice run takes place under the watchful eye of PUBG pro GaGod. So no real pressure yet.

In Episode 2, Orion gets some pro-coaching tips from GaGod himself as the pair play several rounds of duos together.

If you want to see what PUBG mastery looks like, then watching GaGod play is as close as you’ll get. But just how much will Orion pick up from the best on the Battlegrounds?


Playtime’s over in Episode 3, as Orion puts everything he’s learned to the test as he goes into a high noon showdown with GaGod.

The pair kick off with a classic kill race to see who can tally up the most kills, before jumping into solos for a good old fashioned “hunt the noob” experience - poor Orion.

Here, the objective is simple: GaGod’s mission is to hunt and kill Orion before anyone else can.

If you’ve yet to drop into what TAEGO has to offer, we can’t recommend it enough. However, if you want a few more compelling reasons why you should start playing PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS again, have a read of our review of the new map, which we think will remind gamers why they fell in love with PUBG in the first place.

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