PUBG 13.1 Patch Notes: Everything You Need To Know

Krafton Inc recently issued the 12.2 patch update for PUBG and fans have been loving every bit of it. A new 8*8 map was introduced in the game called Taego, and it reminded fans why they fell in love with the game in the first place.

Now, the latest PUBG Patch Update 13.1 was released earlier today, with a comprehensive set of notes. This patch focuses on the previous update that introduced Taego.

The developers mentioned that they received a lot constructive feedback, and have made changes and improvements to this new map accordingly.

PUBG Update 13.1 Patch Notes

The 13.1 update is currently available for PC players on Steam, although console players will have to wait for a few days before it goes live on their platform.

Here are the official patch notes for PUBG 13.1 update.

Multi Care Packages

We have received a lot of player feedback asking for an increase in the amount of Care Package air drops available in each match. Let’s fix that!

Previously, it was generally only one player who’d get all the loot from each drop, with not much left to go around.

With this update, we’ve dramatically increased the number of Care Packages, through additional small air drops, allowing more players the chance to hunt them down and loot them up.

When the situation is right, additional Care Packages can be used as hard cover to engage or retreat from your opponent.

Increased the number of Care Packages

  • Standard Care Packages: One
  • Small Care Packages: 5 – 15

Multi-drop Care Package Contents

  • Ammo, healing items, throwables. Standard Care Package spawn items can also be found inside, with low probability.

PUBG - Secret Room

The Taego Secret Room can change the course of your match and help you win that chicken dinner. Top-tier gear, including items not found elsewhere on the Battlegrounds can be looted inside the secret room.

Think of this room as a vault, players gaining access to it will be rewarded with ample supplies for the rest of the match.

Hidden keys are scattered across Taego and can be looted, then used to access the Taego Secret Room.

How to enter the Secret Room

  • After obtaining the key, you can open the secret room door and enter to loot items.
  • Available items
  • Self AED
  • Scopes
  • Low chance of Care Package items
  • Large number of healing items and throwables

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Emergency Landing

A simple leisurely plane ride to the Battlegrounds? Maybe not so much.. stay alert and pay attention to the flight crew’s instructions, as not every flight is a smooth one.

Engine failure can cause your plane to catch fire and come hurtling towards the ground while attempting to make an emergency landing.

  • The emergency landing plane moves faster than the standard starting plane, but the fall height varies greatly, resulting in a varied falling duration.
  • The farther you jump at the beginning of the flight, the farther you can travel. The later you jump off, the shorter you can travel, as the plane altitute decreases.
  • If you decide not to jump off the plane, you’ll take 50% damage at the end of its journey.

Item Spawn Changes

Based on player feedback, we’re making the following Taego item spawn changes:

Spawn Rate Changes

  • Self AED: 37% increase
  • Stocks: 1% decrease
  • Stun Grenade: 14% decrease
  • Molotov Cocktail: 3% decrease

New Items Added

  • Emergency Pickup
  • C4
  • Spike Trap


Sanhok was originally released in 2018 and remastered in 2020. We haven’t stopped there and continue to make additional changes and improvements across the map.

Based on the feedback received after the remaster, we’re improving movement flow in specific areas and adding an additional cover to encourage more diverse and reactive gameplay.

Northwest Island Geographical Improvements

When moving to the northwest island, players often had no choice but to cross the water without going over the bridge and instead traverse the island’s outskirts, with no choice but to cross the water and engage enemies from a difficult position.

We have added cover to the previously open west to north coast areas near South Ruins and its connecting area.

  • Added small cliffs and rocks to be used as a cover on the south beach of the northwest island.

Northwest Island Temple At The Summit Improvements

Some buildings in PUBG are usable as cover but they did not spawn items, so we felt the need to improve those areas. Additionally, there wasn’t very much cover for those games enough to make the journey from Camp Alpha and climb towards the temple.

  • Relocated the Temple.
  • Removed the buildings which did not have item spawns and replaced them with new buildings containing item spawns.
  • Removed cliffs and added cover.
  • Adjusted the angles of the rocks.

Matchmaking – Map Rotation

Paramo has been removed from PUBG map rotation and Karakin has been added to Normal Matches

Maps available in Normal Matches:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi
  • Karakin

Ranked Season 13

Honor Based Rewards

Since PUBG Ranked Season 11, additional focus was placed on your most recent Ranked achievements, with honor-based rewards such as nameplates and emblems now only available to display for the duration of the new season.

We hope this encourages players to continue their ranked progression while also adding a little more prestige to those hard-earned rewards each season. Ranked in-game cosmetics, such as parachute skins, etc., will remain available to use throughout all seasons.

Players who reach the highest ranks will receive additional rewards, such as animated nameplates and emblems to make the grind just a little sweeter.

  • At the beginning of PUBG Season 13, all eligible players will be granted their PUBG Season 12 rewards, including nameplates/emblems available for the duration of the season.
  • Honor-based rewards from Season 12 will be removed from the inventory with the start of next season.

Season 12 Ranked Mode Rewards 

Ranked rewards are granted based on your rank at season end. Players who reach at least Gold V will receive the Season 12 Ranked Parachute skin! Those who fight their way to Platinum or higher will also be rewarded with a unique Animated Emblem. Master or higher players will also receive an Animated Nameplate.

The Top 500 players from each region will receive a unique Top 500 Animated Emblem and Animated Nameplate to show their status as world-beaters. Top 500 players will be displayed in-game on the LEADERBOARD.

Finally, view all your Season 12 Ranked stats by checking out the STATS screen under the CAREER tab in-game once the season wraps up.

Season 12 Emblem & Nameplates

  • Players who played at least 10 Ranked Matches will earn an emblem and nameplate matching their end-of-season rank.
  • Platinum Tier and above receive an Animated Ranked Emblem.
  • Master Tier will receive an Animated Nameplate.
  • Top 500 players are rewarded with a Unique Animated Emblem and Nameplate.
  • Honor-based emblems will now be shown on your PUBG ID and displayed to enemies when you successfully take them out. Emblems will also be visible in the Death Cam and to spectators.

Season 12 Skin

  • Players Gold V and above will receive an exclusive Season 12 Ranked Parachute Skin.

Upcoming Ranked Schedules: SEASON 13

  • Season 12 Ranked Mode will end once servers go into maintenance on August 4th KST (PC) / August 12th KST (Console).
  • Season 13 Ranked Mode will begin when servers go live with the live server update next month.

How Will My Reward Be Delivered?

All rewards are granted automatically at the beginning of the new season. You may find the rewards on the pop-up screen shown upon your first log-in of the new season.

Changes In Ranked Season 13

In PUBG Ranked Mode, players Diamond rank or higher who don’t play ranked for 7 days will begin to receive daily RP decay. Previously this decay would stop at 3000 RP, allowing players to maintain at least the lowest level of Diamond ranking, regardless of decay. In season 13, this decay will only stop once a player falls out of Diamond and into Platinum.

The purpose of ranked is to constantly improve your skills, hone strategies, and compete with competitive other players. We want to ensure that the players who reach the highest ranks and receive ranked rewards continue to hold their rank throughout the season.

Ranked Season 12

  • 3,000 RP is the lower limit of demotion.
  • You can maintain Diamond Rank even if you don’t play Ranked for seven days or more.

Ranked Season 13

  • RP can now decay below 3,000.
  • 100 RP will be detected per day for players Diamond tier or higher who do not play Ranked at least once a week.
  • 100 RP deduction per day continues until the player plays a Ranked match. Decay also stops once RP drops below 3,000. This means the deduction stops when you reach Platinum I.
  • Diamond tier cannot be maintained by players who don’t participate in Ranked for 7 days or more in a row.

Weapon Balance Update

As a battle royale game where every match presents different situations, we believe each weapon category should have its purpose in certain types of encounters.

When checking our data, we found DMRs to be overperforming at long to very long ranges. However, at very long distances you would expect SRs to have an advantage.

These balance changes should make SRs more viable than before – especially for engagements at very long distances.

Alongside buffs to SRs, including improved bolting animation and transition speeds, certain ARs and the PP-Bizon receive recoil reductions or an increase in damage.


The ballistics of the following Sniper Rifles have been adjusted:

  • Kar98k(+Julie’s Kar98k)
  • Mosin-Nagant
  • M24
  • Increased muzzle velocity (+20-25m/s)
  • Slightly flatter bullet trajectory
  • Decreased drag
  • Increased damage coefficient at long range (0.9 → 0.95)

Some mechanics of the following Sniper Rifles have been adjusted:

  • Kar98k( +Julie’s Kar98k)
  • Mosin-Nagant
  • M24
  • Decreased bolt-action delay
  • Increased bolt-action speed
  • Faster transition to scoping after bolting.
  • Increased rate of fire


The following balance changes have been applied to DMRs:

  • Increased bullet drop and reduced damage coefficient at long range for the Mini 14, QBU, SKS and SLR.
  • Decreased damage coefficient at long range for the Mk12.



  • Increased damage (41 → 42)
  • Slightly reduced horizontal recoil


  • Slightly reduced horizontal recoil



  • Increased damage (51 → 52)


  • Reduced horizontal recoil during extended sprays


PP-19 Bizon

  • Increased damage (35 → 36)

New Feature: SPRAYS

Introducing the new Spray feature! You can spray on the ground, building walls during the match. Express your emotions through various sprays!

  • Sprays can be applied to most surfaces, excluding water, windows, vehicles, and players.
  • You can apply Sprays at close-range only and in most situations, including while moving or standing still.
  • Sprays cannot be used in the lobby.
  • Sprays can be equipped under Customize – Emotes & Sprays tab.
  • Each player can only have one spray displayed in the world at a time, with new sprays replacing previous ones.

UI/UX Improvements

Match Result Screen Improvement – IN-GAME

Introducing the new Winner Winner Chicken Dinner celebration to make those wins just that bit more special! Alongside this new end-of-match celebration, the results screen has also been improved.

  • The celebration begins for winners at match-end and can be canceled, with the match result screen displayed once the celebration is complete.
  • If your team wins but you have been killed during the match in Duos and Squads, you will be able to watch your teammates celebrate.
  • The celebration isn’t shown if players remain on the death screen, instead showing the match results immediately.

Match Results Page Improvement – LOBBY

You can now quickly and easily add friends and check your teammates’ stats without having to open the match report. Show off some personal flair in the lobby by showcasing your avatar and nameplate.

  • Easily view solo or team match stats, including kills, assists and damage.
  • Supported in Normal and Ranked Matches.
  • Not supported in Custom, Arcade and Labs.
  • Ranked Match results page has been added.

Kill Message Improvements

The center-screen combat feed has been updated to improve visibility and ease of use while engaging in combat. Instead of only the most recent feed entry displaying center screen, the feed will now show up to four messages simultaneously, making it much easier to keep track of multiple combat events happening in quick succession.

  • Up to four actions can be displayed at a time, with different colors and effects to easily identify them.
  • DBNOs
  • Assists
  • Kills
  • Teamkills
  • Kills and Assist counts now have animated effects.
  • If multiple actions happen at once, up to four messages are displayed.


Quick Marker

The Quick Marker distance has been increased, allowing the marker to be used in more situations.

  • Increased the distance from 300m to 1000m.
  • Now available in Solo Mode.
  • Vending Machine locations can be shared with your squad using Radio Messages.


Increased the number of maximum Waypoints from 4 to 6.

Auto Equip Attachments

We have made a significant quality of life improvement to both Auto Equip Attachment options, with attachments now equipping automatically even with a full inventory.

Previously, a full inventory would prevent this function from working as expected.

  • Ensure either “Auto Equip Attachments with Interaction Key” or “Auto Equip Attachments from Inventory” options are enabled.
  • Acquired items must be an attachment which is compatible with an empty weapon attachment slot.


Changed notification icon based on community feedback, to more easily identify each notification type.

  • Item Acquisition Message
  • Event Message


  • Upon purchase, single purchase items are now marked as purchased and moved to the end of the store page.
  • Updated the message displayed with G-Coin purchases and removed the “Move” button.
  • Added quantity option to $99.99 G-Coin option (Maximum of five).
  • Spray items are available.
  • The “Emotes” tab name has changed to “Emotes & Sprays”.


  • Improved backend prepass system logic to slightly improve performance.

Items & Skins

Sales period is subject to change.

  • BP Items
  • Sale Begins:
  • PDT: August 3, 7 PM
  • CEST: August 4, 4 AM
  • KST: August 4, 11 AM
  • Three Female Faces
  • Sale Begins:
  • PDT: August 3, 7 PM
  • CEST: August 4, 4 AM
  • KST: August 4, 11 AM
  • School Look

Replay System

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unable to be used.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where specific flora could cause collision damage.
  • Fixed a flickering issue on the wooden windows of a particular Taego building.
  • Fixed an issue where the final Blue Zone wouldn't function correctly in Custom Matches when setting the final Blue Zone location slider to 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where the MP5K reload animation was canceled when using a boost item.
  • Fixed some locations where items couldn't be looted due to being obstructed by other objects.
  • Fixed a visual issue on Miramar where lines would appear on building walls when scoped.


  • Fixed an issue where Steam and Discord Rich Presence wouldn't display the correct status in Normal, Ranked, and Arcade Mode lobbies.
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