PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Is Free To Play For The Next Week

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From August 9th to August 16th, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, the acclaimed battle royale title will enter a free-to-play promotional week for PC players on Steam.

Players new to the game will have complete access to the full game on Steam and can play the latest updates and content drops, including the newest addition Taego, alongside classic maps like Erangel and Miramar.


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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Is Free To Play For The Next Week (Sponsored)

Players will also be able to enjoy the PUBG Labs’ Zombie Survival mode, offering a unique PvE experience. Battle waves of the undead, earn survival coins, and upgrade your gear in this squad-based event.

Don’t forget to check out and collect BLACKPINK gear as part of PUBG’s epic collaboration with the global K-Pop sensation. For those who want to level up their PUBG experience and earn exclusive in-game goodies, the current Survivor Pass: Taego is also available for purchase as well.


Finally, anyone taking part in the event can create a Global Account to keep everything they’ve earned, and get their hands on the Traditional Glasses-Round skin just for taking part in the event.

For more on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, and why Taego might be one of its finest experiences yet, be sure to check out our impressions of the new map.

PUBG has seen many new updates and features lately, so come check out Patch 12.2 - which include the new Taego map, and the new Comeback BR mode, which allows capable fighters to earn their way back into a match after an initial death.

You can see all of the above in action in our PUBG Vs Warzone series, showing Warzone streamer Orionv7 learning from PUBG veteran GaGod before going head to head on Taego.


Practice makes perfect - and with Orionv7’s experience level, he’s going to need a lot of it. Unlike Warzone, PUBG is a game of patience, accuracy, and strategy. He'll need it all to have a crack at the chicken dinner.