NBA Live 22 Release Date News And Everything We Know So Far

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Despite being toppled by the NBA 2K games, many fans are still into NBA Live and are hoping that EA can find a way to bring this sports franchise back to life, especially after 2K Games ended up filling their basketball games with microtransactions, though expecting better from EA Sports is a bit much but that’s how desperate fans have been for an alternative to the NBA 2K games.

Still, fans have wanted to see NBA Live return in some sort of fashion, even hoping that NBA Live 22 becomes a thing so we can have some healthy basketball video game competition but the future for this series has been unknown for the longest time, especially after the big cancellations of NBA Live 20 and NBA Live 21, which disappointed a ton of fans.

With all that being said, here’s everything we know about NBA Live 22 thus far:

Release Date: Is NBA Live 22 Coming Out?

This is where it gets tricky. There’s no release date for NBA Live 22 yet but if it were to come out, expect it around August like previous games.

You’d think that with the cancellations of NBA Live 20 and 21 that there would be little-to-no hope for NBA Live 22 but EA is usually nice enough to announce these in advance so there’s a very small chance that this game is in development.

Will NBA Live 22 Come To Next-Gen Consoles?

On the small chances of NBA Live 22 coming out, EA will likely aim for the game to make a next-gen debut on PS5 and Xbox Series X, while also releasing last-gen versions for the PS4 and Xbox One.

For all we know, EA could make this a next-gen exclusive but sports games are notorious for getting last-gen releases until the consoles are completely dead so expect PS4 and Xbox One versions until they’re completely dead.


Is NBA Live 22 Going To Have Early Access?

Hypothetically, if NBA Live 22 were to come out, then EA would definitely make sure to give the game some Early Access.

Since the reputation of NBA Live has taken a bit of a beating, especially after all those cancellations, EA would want players to try it out early and prove that it’s a lot better now, assuming the game actually is a lot better.

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