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Madden 22 Release Date, Cover Star, Athlete Ratings, Franchise Mode and More

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Madden continues to be one of the most successful sports games out there, so it’s no surprise that fans have high expectations for Madden 22 since few American football games can match the annual gameplay of this title. Fans are already expecting a couple of things from the next Madden release, including more next-gen features. Here’s everything we know so far about EA Sports Madden 22 release.

Madden 22 Release Date


If previous years are any indication, we’ll be seeing Madden 22 come out sometime in August, possibly with the next-gen versions shipping with the current-gen versions.

Due to the late release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the next-gen versions of Madden 21 were delayed a bit but that might not happen this year.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete

EA doesn’t announce the cover star until more information is released but there’s a good chance that American football legend Tom Brady will be the Madden 22 cover athlete after getting his seventh super bowl ring.

It’s an impressive feat and one that EA would be foolish not to capitalize on unless they have plans to spotlight a younger athlete. But with years running out for the GOAT, they would be mad to pass up this opportunity.

Madden 22 ratings

For the time being there's no way to tell what the ratings will be for athletics in Madden 22. We normally see stats revealed for players in July or August each year. So there's some months to go before we find out.

It remains to be seen if anyone will join the games coveted 99 OVR club, which at the moment contains six players in Madden 21. This included Aaron Donald (LA Rams), Devante Adams (Green Bay), DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona), Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City), Stephon Gilmore (New England) and Travis Kelce (Kansas City).

When Will Madden 22 Be Announced?

Since EA Play Live always happens around E3 time, you can expect a big Madden 22 announcement to happen then.

We will probably see a trailer with some next-gen gameplay where they will probably detail some of the online and single-player features, which is always appreciated.


Madden 22 Franchise Mode Changes

EA has already confirmed that there is plans to overall franchise mode. “We see your ‘fix Madden franchise tweets and we understand your frustration,” executive producer Seann Grady explained on a video posted to Twitter.

“The franchise community is critically important to us and we appreciate your passion for Madden NFL. We’re reading your feedback and we clearly understand that you want more. We’ve seen your request for details around what the franchise community can expect moving forwards, and while I don’t have a lot of details I can share right now, I can tell you that our team is actively working on bolstering plans to support the franchise in Madden 21 and beyond.”

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