23 May 2021 7:03 PM +00:00

Madden 21: How To Get X Factor On Xbox One, PS4 And PC

Madden NFL 21 adds new traits to the best players in the NFL known as X-Factors.

These separate these players, given them boosts to throwing, tackling, coverage, and more. It's a smart system, but you may be wondering how you use them.

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Madden NFL 21: How To Use X-Factors

There's no real way to "use" X-Factors, as they're essentially passive buffs to the game's best players in a specific situation. 

Take, for example, Patrick Mahomes. His "Bazooka" X-Factor adds 15 yards onto his maximum throw distance up to 80 yards, so as long as you're throwing within that range, the X-Factor will be used.

That applies to defensive players, too. You can check your team's X-Factors on the team-select screen, so be sure to do your research!

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