5 Games to Play While Waiting For Hellblade 2

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It is hard to compare Hellblade to any other game on the market, so coming up with games to play while waiting for Hellblade 2 is a bit tricky.

Instead of looking for games that play similarly, it makes sense to choose games that evoke emotion in players, telling a compelling story that draws them in and shakes them to the core.


Here are five games that Hellblade fans may want to take a look at while waiting for Hellblade 2 to arrive.

Five Games to Play While Waiting for Hellblade 2

Most of the games on this list will not play at all like Hellblade.

However, they will cut to the quick, often tearing at players' heartstrings, delving into issues that video games normally tend to stray away from.

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She Dreams Elsewhere

She Dreams Elsewhere poster

She Dreams Elsewhere is a single-player surreal adventure that delves into the dreams and life of Thalia.

Locked inside her own anxiety-ridden mind, Thalia is comatose, confronting nightmares that prevent her from awakening.

Striking visuals and excellent writing deliver a deeply personal narrative with a thematic focus on emotions, mental health, and self-identity.

Beyond Eyes

Beyond Eyes poster

Beyond Eyes has players guiding Rae, a young blind girl, on a life-changing journey.

When Rae's cat, Nani, goes missing, she must break the barriers of her sheltered world and face her fears by venturing out into the world to find her best friend.

That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon Cancer

An older title, That Dragon, Cancer, tells the heartbreaking real-life tale of Ryan Green, his wife, Amy, and their terminally ill son, Joel.

The game takes place over several vignettes of Joel's life and death, a eulogy of sorts for the couple's son.

This is a game that is not easy for anyone, especially parents, to experience.

At the game time, it is an experience that players should not miss.


Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude

Kay is a woman whose loneliness has turned her into a literal monster.

Experience her journey as she confronts her demons and tries to help others from succumbing to her fate.

Sea of Solitude is a puzzle game full of Kay's tainted memories as she comes to terms with her loneliness.



Gris is a stunning game about a young woman recovering from a painful experience in her life.

There is never any danger to the player as they explore the world and bring color and life to the faded world of the main character's mind.

Gris tells its tale through hand-painted artwork, an excellent soundtrack, and universal appeal with little to no text.

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