Grounded Hot and Hazy Update: Release Date, Start Time, Patch Notes & Latest Changes

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Following an early access launch last year, Obisidian Entertainment's Grounded is getting a hefty update. Calling this the 0.11 Update - better known as Hot and Hazy - that's adding more of the RPG elements we've come to expect from Obsidian.

If you're looking to dive back in when Hot and Hazy drops, here's everything we know so far about this latest expansion:


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Latest News

20 October 2021 -

Obsidian's new Hot and Hazy update is now available for Grounded, you can get a small flavour of what the update includes below with the short description and youtube trailer.

However, if you want a more thorough breakdown of all the new features, have a look at Obsidian Entertainment's lengthy blog post detailing all the big changes.

Survive the perils of the sizzling hot Sandbox and defend against the poisonous fungi of the revamped Haze in Grounded's biggest update yet. Discover new "neighbors", craft new armor, and GET YOKED with vitamin Milk Molars and more!

19 October 2021 -

Obsidian's next big update for Grounded is set to arrive tomorrow on October 20. For now the developer hasn't shared a release time, but we should hopefully get some information from the team today on when they'll be launched the Hot and Hazy update. Finger's crossed we also get some updated patch notes. More to follow...

Grounded: Hot and Hazy Update - Release Date

Obsidian are launching Grounded's Hot and Hazy update on October 20 to all players across PC and Xbox. However, if you're hoping to check this out sooner, a preview version on PC is available through Grounded's Public Test Ring from October 6th. You can also check out some preview footage down below:

Grounded: Hot and Hazy Update - New Gameplay Mechanics

Hot and Hazy adds several RPG elements to Grounded. Players can now upgrade their character's health, stamina, thirst burn rate, hunger burn rate and maximum active mutations. To do that, you'll need to collect Milk Molars, which can also buy increased resources, ammo, and food stacks.

Weapon stats can be improved using new Globs. Upgradeable via a Smithing Station, those come in three categories: Minty, Salty, and Spicy. Once used, that upgrades your weapon to the matching Glob type. Obisidian's also changing armour sets, now offering Light, Medium and Heavy armour.

Finally, there are several quality-of-life improvements coming too, such as new tutorials. A Brain Power system has been added to unlock crafting recipes, while further adjustments were made to visual effects and Grounded's accessibility options.

Grounded: Hot and Hazy Update - New Biomes

Grounded Ant

As for Grounded's locations, players can now explore the Black Ant Hill biome, which is hidden beneath the Sandbox biome and includes Grounded's first ever mini-boss. A lab area has been added here too, letting you harvest Black Ants for new equipment.

Elsewhere, there's two new landmarks called The Picnic Table and The Trash Heap, which both feature significant new items. Haze Biome's getting updated too, adding more incentive for players to visit with a new lab and infected insect variants.


Grounded: Hot and Hazy Update - Patch Notes

Right now, we don't have the full patch notes for Hot and Hazy. However, thanks to the public test, we've got an idea of what to expect. Providing some significantly in-depth notes on October 6th, that covers:

  • New Environments
  • Enemy Bugs
  • Crafting Content
  • New Features
  • Armor Reworks
  • System Changes
  • Bug Fixes

There's a lot to read through, and you can find those in full here on Obsidian's official forums. We'll keep this updated if that changes.