Grounded Shroom and Doom Update: Hedge Broodmother Boss Fight Location and Guide

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The Hedge Broodmother is the first boss fight to be added to Grounded, a huge spider queen hiding in the hedge that players will need to summon with a special item to fight. We’ll show you the Hedge Broodmother boss fight location here, how to beat it and what you’ll need to summon it for the confrontation.

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Hedge Broodmother Boss Fight Location and Guide in Grounded

To beat the Hedge Broodmother boss fight in Grounded, players will need to find its location and summon it with a special item. We’ll go through the various steps below, what you’ll need, and what you can expect from this horrible boss monster.

Where to Find the Broodmother Boss Fight

The Broodmother is in the hedge on the South-East corner of the map, specifically on top of the Flingman Flying Disc (the frisbee) in the hedge (which we’ve marked on the map below). You’ll need to climb up the tangle of branches and ziplines up to reach it, and we recommend you place a Lean-To outside the cave for an easy respawn.


From there is a twisted branch that clearly moves to a dark tunnel formed of spiderwebs. Walk up the branch inside there. Follow the tunnel into a huge, ominous cavern - this is the Broodmother’s lair and the arena, but the boss isn’t here yet. You’ll need to summon it first.


How to Summon the Broodmother Boss Fight

To summon the Broodmother, players will need to craft a Broodmother BLT and place it in the cluster of broken eggs at the opposite end of the room. If you want to know how to get a Broodmother BLT, we’ve put together a guide on that here.

Once you place the BLT in the eggshells, get ready - the Broodmother will descend from the ceiling and the boss fight will begin.

Broodmother Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

The Broodmother is a powerful enemy with a huge amount of health who can badly damage players, even kill them, in a couple of attacks. We’ve laid out some helpful tips and tricks for a working strategy below.

  • Make sure you have all your best armour and gear equipped before the fight, with numerous healing items in your Hotpouch - you’ll need it all to keep you alive.
  • The Broodmother and her minion’s attacks can all do poison damage - the Mithridatism Mutation can keep you safe from this effect.
  • Multiple players is much easier than one, as the Broodmother tends to focus on one person at a time (though its size means that it can always hit multiple people grouped together).
  • If you are playing on your own, learn to swap between your best melee weapon and a bow on the fly. You want to use the bow while dodging as many attacks as possible, but for those you can’t, you’ll need the melee weapon to block its bites and reduce the damage.
  • The Broodmother tends to move around slowly before suddenly lunging forward for heavy attacks. Get ready to block or dodge when you see it tense or pull back slightly.
  • When the Broodmother jumps, it’s about to land on the player it’s looking at. Get ready for that - it’s a hugely damaging attack, it’s hard to avoid, stuns players even when blocked, and the Broodmother’s size means it can hit multiple people at once.
  • For ranged threats, the Broodmother can scream - which does damage to players around it - and spit web, which doesn’t hurt players, but does pin them in place.
  • The eggs around the edge of the arena can potentially cause the Broodmother’s AI some difficulty in getting around them. Abusing this to cheese it is a high-risk, high-reward strategy - if you’re lucky, the Broodmother will just stagger about in melee range trying to find the angle to bite you. If you’re unlucky, it’ll just jump over the egg and savage you.
  • If you have multiple players, it’s smart to have one person draw aggro while and focus purely on evasion and healing; while other players use bows to attack from a distance.
Grounded Hedge Broodmother boss fight

Broodmother Spiderlings

At certain points in the fight, the Broodmother will leap to one corner of the room and summon numerous small Spiderlings that harass the player. Though individually weak, they can damage and poison players - the best thing to do is thin them out as fast as possible.


Hedge Broodmother Rewards

If you can defeat the Broodmother, you’ll get a lot of unique crafting materials that are used to make the Club of the Mother Demon and Mask of the Mother Demon.

The Club of the Mother Demon is currently the best weapon in the game, a high-damage club that can devastate any opponent. Alternatively, the Mask of the Mother Demon is a piece of head armour that enhances every weapon the player holds with an added poison effect, granting additional lasting damage. Combined, these two pieces of equipment will make a player pretty much as powerful as they can possibly be in Grounded.

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