Grounded: Four-Leaf Clover and Clover Cave Location

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The Four-Leaf Clover is a very useful thing to find in Grounded, a landmark that gives you the Coup De Grass Mutation simply by finding it in Clover Cave. We’ll show you the Four-Leaf Clover’s location in Grounded here, as well as how to find Clover Cave and make the use of this new Mutation.

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Four-Leaf Clover Location in Grounded

To find the Four-Leaf Clover’s location in Grounded, players simply need to find Clover Cave, a hidden area that’ll require a certain amount of preparation to discover and navigate safely. It’s not just a matter of a location on a map, Clover Cave is concealed and protected by various natural threats. We’ll explain how to find it here nonetheless.

How to Get to Clover Cave

Clover Cave is actually underwater, the entrance to which is in the lake on the East side of the map. We’ve marked the entrance that you’ll need to find, on the interactive map below. On the closest shore of the lake you’ll see clovers marking what you need to find.


Once you have the area down, you’ll need to dive down through the water to the cave itself. Here are some vital things to keep in mind just before you take the plunge.

  • Have a torch ready. The tunnel is incredibly dark and it’s easy to get turned around, burning precious oxygen in the meantime.
  • Alternatively, turn up the brightness/gamma as high as it can go in settings. We found it reveals enough of the environment to get by, depending on your screen/monitor.
  • Players can craft a Bubble Helmet and scuba gear to vastly increase their oxygen supply. Use this gear if you have it, or find out how to get scuba gear here.
  • The tunnel goes on for a while - with default oxygen levels, you’ll have to move fast to avoid drowning. This is why a torch is important - if you lose your sense of direction or end up moving back on yourself, you’ll likely end up drowning.

However, keep swimming and eventually you’ll enter a small cave with breathable air, and a large, Four-Leaf Clover. Simply getting close to it will grant you the Coup De Grass Mutation, a permanent option to be equipped as one of your three Mutations.

Coup De Grass Mutation Effect

Coup De Grass grants the player a chance for Critical hits, meaning that any hit landed on an enemy has a chance to do extra damage. The game doesn’t state how likely the odds are, but it might be a good choice for players who prefer to confront bugs and spiders directly rather than use stealth.

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