Gran Turismo 7 Will Have Over 400 Cars and Thousands of Customization Options

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Gran Turismo 7 was today's star for Sony's first State of Play conference in 2022. Having previously promised "over 30 minutes of new PS5 footage," we got a fresh look at Polyphony Digital's upcoming racing sim. So, what can fans expect? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi detailed several of Gran Turismo 7's new features and improvements, ranging from data-fueled weather systems to PS5-exclusive enhancements and more.


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Gran Turismo 7 Will Have Over 400 Cars and Thousands of Customization Options

Yamauchi said GT7 features more than 400 cars from several global brands. Each car has roughly 60 tune-up parts and expanded livery options as well. You'll find 300 of those cars, dating from 2001 to the present, for sale in Grand Central, Gran Turismo 7's car showcase mall. These come at a premium price, naturally, but if you need something a little less expensive, head over to the used car dealer - though be prepared for some surprises as well.

The used car dealer in Gran Turismo 7 normally deals in budget-priced cars. However, Yamauchi said that offers pull from real-life conditions. For example, there's a resurgence in the popularity of Japanese sports cars from the 90s, so these will often go prices much higher than normal.


If you want to dig deep into the history of your favorite car, Gran Turismo 7 is only too happy to let you. The Museum feature includes detailed histories of cars and brands and even commentary from some of the car designers about how their creations came to life.

Once you're ready to hit the road, you'll notice plenty of new and returning features. One new location is the car cafe, a "player experience hub," where you'll clear "menus" of racing challenges to earn credits and more. These races include fan-favorite circuits such as Trial Mountain and Deep Forest, along with new tracks both from fantasy and real life.

Gran Turismo 7's license tests introduce a different way to race, with drift challenges, drag racing, and more. GT7 supports two-player splitscreen, along with online play with friends through lobbies and Sport Mode, which lets you test your skills online against anyone.


Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Differences

Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 supports ray tracing, which Sony said delivers photorealistic graphics and the most immersive experience. The DualSense's adaptive triggers and haptics help with this immersion as well. Yamauchi said the shoulder triggers mirror the vibrations and tension of the front wheels and help make more informed decisions, which, combined with the haptics, is meant to make you feel as if you're driving a real car.

Nice Weather We're Having

Another feature not exclusive to PS5, but made more impressive by the next-gen console's power, is weather. Yamauchi said Gran Turismo 7 uses real data from the game's locations to simulate sky changes and cloud formation, sun and moon movement, and even humidity and rainfall. Aside from looking gorgeous, these weather effects have significant impacts on how you drive, and you can keep track of them thanks to a handy radar.


Play It Again

Finally is Replay Mode, which lets you watch your race from a different perspective, but this time it's different. The camera angle and cuts change to match the music playing, which can range from classic remixes to modern hits.

Gran Turismo 7 launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next month on March 4, 2022. If you're looking to learn more, Polyphony Digital previously outlined its Ray Tracing capabilities, an Anniversary Edition with pre-order bonuses, alongside how many cars and tracks are coming.