Gran Turismo 5 Was "Complex And Difficult" To Develop On The PS3, Says Creator

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Polyphony Digital is refining Gran Turismo 7, before its release next year. In preparation, The Real Driving Simulator's creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, reflected on previous episodes in the beloved automobile franchise.

More specifically, he notes how difficult it was to develop Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3. Yamauchi recently spoke to TheGamer about Gran Turismo's extensive history, even reminiscing on the problematic development of Gran Turismo 5.


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Gran Turismo 5 Was "Complex And Difficult" To Develop On The PS3, Says Creator

The famed creator specified how difficult it was to familiarise with the PS3's hardware:

The PS3 was a nightmare. The hardware was so complex and difficult to develop on. It had the performance once you learned to use it right, but to get there was such a nightmare.

Yamauchi stated how it wasn't until Gran Turismo 6 where they finally figured the system out, around the same time the PS4 was released:

It wasn’t until the release of GT6 [in 2013] when we managed to get the full performance out of the console - that’s how difficult it was.

The Polyphony Digital CEO also noted how much easier it was to create the seventh title for the PS5, highlighting some of the system's features in assisting with the game's immersion:

The PS5 is much easier to create games on. It meant we were able to create a well balanced experience that feels natural to play. Of course the graphics have improved and the 3D audio provides a very rich soundscape, and you honestly won’t feel the loading times. That creates a completely different experience, it opens up a whole new world.

Gran Turismo 7 will launch on March 4th, 2022.