What's next for the Rocket League World Championship

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a splash screen of the Rocket League World Championship

As the Rocket League 2022-23 Season unfolds, it’s crucial to glance back at the journey that has brought us here. The past season was explosive, setting the stage for this year’s fierce competition.

NRG Esports blazed trails, becoming the first Rocket League team to surpass $1 million in winnings, a monumental achievement that testifies to their mastery of the game. The team, including the likes of GarrettG and Jstn, has proved their mettle in the arena and is poised to be a formidable force in the current season.

The retirement of Fireburner, a seasoned player, marked a shift in the game’s dynamic. His contributions to the field will not be forgotten and his departure indicates a reshuffling of strategies amongst teams who’ve battled against him.

a timeline of the RLCS schedule
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The Spring Major Recap

The Spring Major, recognized as the second-largest event in Rocket League history, was a spectacle in Boston, Massachusetts. The Major proved to be a turning point, symbolizing an evolutionary leap in the esports scene.

The magnetic appeal of Rocket League was significantly underscored by the swell in viewership numbers and escalating prize pool funds. Notably, the event was also a testament to the burgeoning esports culture, seeing avid enthusiasts from all over the globe tuning in, making it a truly international phenomenon. This tournament’s success undoubtedly sets an exciting precedent for future events, promising more intense, nail-biting Rocket League action.

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The tournament was fiercely contested, with teams giving their all to secure a place in the World Championships. Team Vitality battled back to avenge their loss to Team BDS after being knocked down to the lower bracket of the tournament early on. After the loss to Team BDS, they went on an incredible run. They broke the record for the longest overtime in RLCS history in which we saw just one goal in over twelve minutes. The stage was set for an unforgettable battle between RLCS titans. These two teams did not disappoint. In what can only be described as an electric atmosphere Team Vitality came out on top being the first team to win four games in the best-of-seven series to become the Spring Major Champions.

an image of the vitality champions team from the spring major
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Team Projections and Rising Stars

As we surge ahead in this exciting season, speculation about the teams qualifying for the much-anticipated World Championship is rife among fans and analysts.

Top-tier teams, such as NRG Esports, continue to display enviable teamwork, particularly through the united front presented by star players like GarrettG and Jstn. Their formidable gaming prowess keeps them at the forefront of this heated competition.

Among other challengers, Cloud9 has attracted significant attention, courtesy of their resilient squad, especially the notable duo of Gimmick and SquishyMuffinz. Their tactical brilliance and unwavering determination position them as strong contenders in this season’s chase for the championship.

Another intriguing development is the emergence of Atomic, a rising star whose strategic prowess and impeccable execution are making waves in the Rocket League circuit. His skills have left a deep impression on both viewers and analysts, causing an upsurge in anticipation for his performance in the forthcoming face-offs.

The Evolving Metagame and Roster Changes

The recent retirements of renowned players such as Fireburner and Torment, who left the gaming scene post-RLCS Season 8, have created interesting waves in the Rocket League landscape.

These departures have prompted teams to overhaul their strategies and seek out fresh talent to bolster their ranks. The resulting roster changes have sent ripples through the metagame, potentially redefining the conventional play styles and strategies, thereby adding a layer of intrigue and unpredictability to the upcoming Championship.


The gaming community is fervently waiting to see how the new players, full of untapped potential and vigor, will shape the game dynamics. The expectations are sky-high as these newcomers prepare to step into the shoes of the departed veterans, and potentially redefine the way Rocket League is played in this era.

The Championship is on the Horizon

The anticipation builds as we move closer to the Championship, with teams giving their all to secure a spot. All eyes are on NRG Esports as they seek to cement their legacy and fend off eager challengers.

The World Championship promises to be a grand event. With teams fighting for a higher prize pool and a record viewership projected, the Rocket League 2022-23 Season is on track to make esports history. As the countdown begins, fans are eager to witness the electrifying battles that await on the field. The only certainty is that this year’s Championship will be one for the books.

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