New World Players Shouldn't "Burn Out" On Beta Says Shroud

New World by Amazon Games Studio recently finished its Beta. Many streamers have opinions on how bad the Beta went, like Asmongold, who criticized bugs and glitches. Then there were streamers like Shroud, who is looking forward to the game despite any perceived flaws.

A Beta stage is supposed to be buggy because Betas are the bug removal stage to reach Gold standard (ready to ship). Shroud is well aware of this and had nothing but praise to give the game. Still, he did wonder why some players were trying to grind in the Beta when New World would reset for the full game.

Shroud is worried players are tired of New World

New World is obviously designed for players to grind through. Despite this, grinding is a waste of time during the Beta phase because Amazon Game Studio will wipe the world. Players who grind in the Beta will burn out before the actual game is even released.

Start at 3:04 (As noticed by Dexerto)

This is what Shroud is referring to when he talks about people overdoing the Beta. Though he enjoyed New World by Amazon Games Studio, he doesn't see the point in trying to level up as high as possible. In the words of Shroud:

"All these streamers are grinding the Beta so freaking hard. It's crazy. The game's great, don't get me wrong, putting all that much time for it to go away, it kind of just that just hurts my soul. I can't take being that level and putting in all that time just to lose it… "A regular player will get burnt out before the game comes out."

He went further to say that burnout doesn't make a difference with streamers. Streamers will usually stick with a game as long as it's popular. There are still cases where streamers quit because they no longer enjoy the game.

The game could become unenjoyable for streamers if they become burned out. This is similar to hackers making Warzone unplayable for streamers like NickMercs and TimTheTatman. This shouldn't be an issue now that the Beta has ended.

On September 28, when the game launches, any burnout from the Beta will have disappeared.

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