Beyond the Slot Machines: Coin Master's Casino Game Correlations Revealed

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A playful cartoon character wearing a cow mask on its head, surrounded by a collection of toy animals, hinting at the whimsical world of Coin Master's casino game correlations.

Coin Master is a massively popular game across the world. Whether it be playing the game on your commute to work or while you’re at home, it’s a game that’s hard to put down. Getting Coin Master free spins is something lots of fans are looking for, so that they can keep jumping into the game.

While there is a village building core to the game, it’s the casino spins aspect that keeps people coming back.

You want to keep building your village, but you need what you get from spins to do so, which means you need more coins for more spins, and that loop continues over and over again until you have everything you want. Saving up for a million coin expansion? You better get spinning!

Massive popularity

“Coin Master has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play alone. It’s currently #3 on the top grossing charts in India. The game drives more IAP (in-app purchase) revenues than any other app except PUBG and Tinder,“ according to Factor Daily, so the core loop is attracting a lot of players.

“The soft currency in this game is Coins, which you earn by spinning the wheel. You get five Spins every hour and can usually hold a maximum of 50,” and you can use real world money to buy more spins, and therefore get more coins.

It’s a loop that’s very similar to what you’ll see in casinos, but for the most part it doesn’t feature real world money. The free spins you get each day give the same rush as spending real world money on a slot machine does.

Sometimes, the effect of spins in games like Coin Master is greater than that of real money gambling in casinos, due to the community and social aspect of the game.

According to KingCasinoBonus’ list of countries where Coin Master is widely popular, at the top of the rank remain France, Taiwan, and India. Social casino gambling has gained popularity mainly because it usually doesn’t involve real money play.

Coin Master’s casino elements

Playing games like Coin Master and making the most of the free spins allows you to feel like you’re gambling without the real world spending.

You’re also able to compare your “winnings” with friends who also play to see who’s been the luckiest. If you get more coins than a friend who is also playing, you can hold that over them. There’s a competition aspect to social gambling that’s as much of the appeal as the spins themselves are.

Beyond all that, there’s even a feature that can see your coins stolen by other players, even when you’re online, so you have to have your eye on your village and coin balance at all times. You don’t want to lose coins, just as you don’t have to lose real world money at a casino, so you’re always paying attention.

Lose your coins and you’ll want to get more spins again, so you’re dragged back into the gambling aspect once more. These are all tricks that real world casinos use to keep players coming back.


It’s also interesting that Coin Master is particularly popular in countries without a significant gambling culture. It’s growing in popularity elsewhere, including the US, but it’s being played as a replacement for traditional casino games in many countries.

Between the slot machine aspect of earning coins, the constant pushing of social aspects, the ability to spend real world money, and implementation of loss aversion, it’s clear that Coin Master has significant casino game correlations. It’ll be interesting to see how it continues to grow in popularity in the coming months and years.

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