Evil Genius 2: How to Recruit Henchmen

While not crazy violent like GTA 5, Evil Genius 2 has proven to be a really fun time for those that aspire to be a James Bond villain, with fun, cartoony visuals, and henchmen with personality.

Like hostages, Evil Genius 2 has managed to capture a ton of interest from gamers, to the point that this video game will be coming to consoles soon, which is a great achievement for the studio, who won’t have to hire their own henchmen to make people like this title.

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Evil Genius 2: How to Recruit Henchmen

Though you shouldn’t hire henchmen in real life, it’s something you will need to do in Evil Genius 2 if players want to succeed.

However, recruiting henchmen in Evil Genius 2 isn’t the easiest task in the world since players will have to complete specific Side Story missions to get them.

Since most of the Evil Henchmen 2 Side Story missions have you stealing a henchman from someone else, expect some resistance and, maybe, losing some of your resources.

It’s also worth noting that players have to commit to a Side Story in Evil Henchmen 2 since they can’t be skipped or binned, so make sure your forces are ready to go.

Since Evil Genius 2 is an RTS, you’ll want to make sure to choose your best options before heading on a mission so you don’t end up losing anyone or anything important.

As of this writing, Evil Genius 2 is only available on the PC but will soon be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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