Evil Genius 2: Can You Have More Than Five Henchmen?

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Evil Henchmen 2 is a true James Bond villain simulator if we’ve ever seen one, letting you recruit cartoony henchmen with great character designs and take over the world.

There are plenty of great characters you can recruit in Evil Henchmen 2, with a lot of players hoping to get the best henchmen in the game.

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Evil Genius 2: Can You Have More Than Five Henchmen?

With so many fun-looking characters in Evil Henchmen 2, fans have wondered if there’s a way to have more than five henchmen in the game.

Unfortunately, unless a major update is made to Evil Henchmen 2, there is no way to have more than five henchmen.

This becomes troublesome when more powerful henchmen are unlocked as the game progresses, and we’re sad to say that if your roster is full, you’ll have to kill off one of your henchmen to make room.

It’s pretty unfortunate that you can’t just keep the game’s henchmen on the side but that’s just how being an Evil Genius goes, I guess.

Players will probably want to check out the henchmen in Evil Genius 2 beforehand so they can decide who will be appropriate for their army.

We suppose that having more than five would have been a bit much or overpowering but the fact you need to fill that up to do better missions make the inclusion of more henchmen a mixed bag.

Still, Evil Genius 2 is a real-time strategy game so the henchmen limit was probably done on purpose for players to be more thoughtful.

Evil Genius 2 is now available on PC and will be coming to other consoles soon.