Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List

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Despite not getting the best critical reviews, Evil Genius 2 has managed to become a hit with gamers thanks to the concept of being a James Bond-like supervillain with cool henchmen.

It helps that the henchmen in Evil Genius 2 have great designs and have fun personalities, with many fans wishing we could recruit more than five of them but that wouldn’t be very strategic.

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Evil Genius Henchmen Tier List

The problem with Evil Genius 2 having a five henchmen limit is that you’ll have to be picky with who to recruit, and that can be problematic when you want to finish the game.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out with a tier-list on who the best henchmen in Evil Genius 2 are and who are the ones you shouldn’t bother recruiting.


  • Iris: Probably the best Science henchman in Evil Genius 2, with incredibly high stats, abilities that let her heal while taking damage and act as a camera, you definitely want her on your side.
  • Jubei: Easily the game’s best Muscle henchman in Evil Genius 2, having ridiculously high stats, abilities that let him power up and even teleport to areas where he can cause more damage.
  • Dr. Magnolia Ming: This mad doctor is an essential henchman in Evil Genius 2, as her abilities can easily poison a ton of enemies and heal your allies.
  • Fugu Furakawa: At first glance, Fugu looks less effective than Ming since her poison ability isn’t as good but she can also cool down the heat for missions, preventing lockdown from happening.
  • Incendio: Despite only having decent stats, Incendio can be of great help in Evil Genius 2, as his abilities lets him distract enemies and tourists, while also dealing damage to them.


  • Full Metal Jackie: Despite having high stats and the ability to arm your forces with handguns, she’s mostly just good for dealing damage.
  • Eli Barracuda Jr: Very strong and the revolver ability does plenty of damage, but Eli’s distraction technique is nowhere near as good as Incendio’s.
  • Sir Daniel: A jack of all trades, as Sir Daniel is a solid bit of muscle who can also use stealth and make traps.


  • Carl Calfard: Low stats and basic trap abilities don’t do much for Carl in this game.
  • Clara Jones: This henchman can lower states and enhance traps, which aren’t the greatest abilities in the game.
  • Janet Bombe: She can hack and lower suspicion but that doesn’t become useful later in the game.