Evil Genius 2 Console Command and Cheats List

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Evil Genius 2 just came out on Steam last March 30th. Having the subtitle World Domination, the players must aim to conquer everything on their way, even if they would need a helping hand.

Well, that helping hand could be the console commands and cheats which debuted in Evil Genius 2 last April 1st. These will not grant extravagant pushes or bonuses to players. However, some of these might still be useful in various circumstances.


So, stay through this article to know all the console command and cheats in Evil Genius 2.

Evil Genius 2 Console Commands List

So far, these are the only useful console command you can take advantage of in Evil Genius 2:

  • Mute – This literally mutes the game.
  • Quit – You can exit the game by using this.
  • Help - Describes commands that are open.
  • ListCmds – This lists available console commands.
  • Clear – This can clear the entries from the console itself.

Evil Genius 2 Cheat Codes List

At the time of writing, Evil Genius 2 does not have any active cheat codes.

It's possible the game could add cheat codes in the future, perhaps to grant players unlimited gold or instant training.


However, for the time being, if you want to take over the world you'll need to do it the honest way.

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