Dead Space Remake Will Follow A Singular Camera Like 2018's God Of War

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Following the confirmation of a Dead Space remake at EA Play Live, it has been announced that the game is being produced exclusively for next-gen systems.

And it seems like the forthcoming horror game will make use of the power behind these platforms, as the remake traverses into a unique creative direction.


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Dead Space Remake Will Follow A Singular Camera Like 2018's God Of War

EA Motive introduced the team working on the aforementioned remake while revealing more details about the production.

The creative director behind this remake, Roman Campos-Oriola, and senior producer, Philippe Ducharme discussed the cinematographic direction Dead Space would be following.

Image from the Dead Space remake reveal showing Isaac Clarke in a dark room with his back to the camera.

Campos-Oriola highlighted the SSDs driving next-gen systems and their contribution towards the remake's seamless load times:

And the super-fast SSDs on modern systems allow us to load and unload really fast.

This quote seems to lay support to reports that the horror game will have no load times.

Campos-Oriola also talked about how this technology will be maximized to ensure an unbroken, seamless camera from beginning to the finale:

Our intention is to offer a fully unbroken experience, it will be an uninterrupted sequence shot, from the start screen to the end credit, without interruption.
Screenshot from 2018's God Of War on PS4 showing Kratos shouting

2018's God Of War used a similar technique, providing seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay. We're also hoping the next God of War will continue to use this revolutionary technique of storytelling, as highlighted in our five hopes for God of War Ragnorak.

Ducharme backs up Campos-Oriola's claims, as he expects the remake to fully immerse players:

The objective we gave to the whole team was to have players pick up the controller and completely lose track of time. Like, they play through the entire experience without putting the controller down. That’s how immersive we want our game to be, that people just dive in and don’t come out until the credits roll.

Even though the remake was only just revealed, reports claim that EA Motive is aiming for a late 2022 release.