Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League might lead up to a new Superman game

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Having a Metropolis setting for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is one of the most critical details that has been released. Based on the trailer, it appears that Superman is the "Alpha" target on the hit list for the Suicide Squad. Since Arkham is a sequel, The Joker is dead in this game, and therefore, Superman can be saved. Here's why that logic works out:

This year, Unbroken Studios announced that they had joined Rocksteady Studios to support the development of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Unbroken Studios said on its official website that it is proud to be working with Rocksteady again. It has collaborated with Rocksteady for the earlier Arkham Games, significantly contributing to their quality.


The storyline of DC comics is crucial to Rocksteady and Unbroken Studios. By how faithful the characters are to their comic counterparts, it is clear that this is often considered. We can determine that a Superman game is next for development based on the trailers, wallpapers, and previous games.

How do we know that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League may lead up to Superman: Man of Arkham

In the trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, we see the DC heroes turn into villains. Firstly, it's the Arkham series sequel, so the Joker is dead. If the Joker is dead, then the Injustice storyline cannot unfold because the Joker kills Lois Lane. Rocksteady takes care not to change any DC lore, and anyone but the Joker killing Lois Lane to begin the Injustice storyline would be a big change.

Watching the trailer reveals that Superman is evil as a result of being under mind control. Each of Brainiac's minions appears to have some form of purple. The purple coloring is either on their clothing or some form of light. The trailer shows Superman's eyes glowing purple instead of red when he kills.

Superman is holding a scared pilot. Superman can be seen starting up his laser eyes to kill the pilot. It's purple.
The purple is there in the trailer

This holds true for the poster below featuring Superman, so it's clear Superman is under mind control.

Superman on a poster for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Superman has his back to the screen and is looking back. Purple hue takes over his body and his laser eye's are also purple.
Those are the purple eyes with a purple hue everywhere

Therefore, the game will most likely result in Superman being under mind control rather than being evil because of the Joker's actions in Injustice. This means Superman can be saved and therefore brought to the good side. What do we do with a now good Superman and an already designed Metropolis… Oh wait, that could be a game on its own.


Moreover, since the title implies that other team members are under mind control, we may see more DC heroes in their own games. It may just be speculation, but what better way could there be to set up multiple games for DC? The game has too much potential to be a one-off sequel; Rocksteady is planning a real Superman game to compete with Marvel's Spider-Man.