Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League needs to answer these five questions in order to succeed

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As expected, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be a sequel to Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight left behind many questions, and this game needs to answer all of them. As you can see, fans have been waiting six years for an answer to these questions, and they won't appreciate being ignored.

Who is defending Gotham during Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

Dick Grayson ends up with the mantle of Batman during the events of the Race For The Cowl. However, Batman had made Dick promise him that he would defend Bludhaven. Due to his natural ability for detective work, Tim Drake would make a far better Batman for Gotham, according to many Batman fans.

In addition, there are other Bat-Family members who could provide assistance to Gotham. Testing Azrael for this role is also the basis for a whole section of the game. Fans need to know that the city they fought to protect is being looked after well.


Will we eventually get a Superman game from Rocksteady?

There is a whole article written on this site about how Suicide Squad may be setting up a future Superman game. Will this be Rocksteady's way of introducing the rest of DC's heroes to their universe? If so, we need to know in this game.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League might lead up to a new Superman game

Is Scarecrow coming back in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

In Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow was a bit of a throwaway villain, but in Arkham Knight, he is the main antagonist. Apparently, Batman doses him with enough fear toxin to break even the most focused and unbreakable man on earth. Scarecrow may be gone for good--unless he isn't.

In my opinion, Scarecrow has changed after seeing what Batman went through with a fear of bats. In that case, the Scarecrow would be Batman, but a nightmare-inducing version of Batman. If not, let us know whether he's dead or in an asylum.

Will The Riddler be in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

Because it's based in the Arkham universe, there might be something like Riddler Challenges. These were awful in Arkham Knight, and there were too many trophies. Though I would like to think they're over, it seems the opposite is true.


The game takes place in a burned-out and evacuated Metropolis, which sounds like an Arkham setting. In short, I don't want to see green question marks to bloat the game and make me spend hours collecting trophies for a lackluster one-off arrest.

Did Batman die at the end of Arkham Knight?

Anyone who has played Batman: Arkham Knight has this burning question. After initiating Knightfall, Batman supposedly dies at the end of the game. For those who forgot, here is the video.


And yet, there's the scene afterward that makes us think Batman may live. In the comics, Batman has faked his death multiple times, so what is it? If Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League doesn't answer the question or allude to it, it will receive massive fan backlash.