Peacemaker Cast Breaks Silence on Season One Finale’s Surprising Cameos

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Peacemaker wrapped up its first season with a bombastic and incredibly fun finale, while featuring surprising appearances from DCEU's most popular heroes.

Some of the show's talented ensemble of actors have given their reactions towards those cameos. Speaking to ComicBook, Steve Agee - who plays John Economos - and Emilia Harcourt's Jennifer Holland discuss bringing those characters to the HBO Max show.

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John Cena's Peacemaker holds a gun while doves fly around.

Peacemaker Cast Breaks Silence on Season One Finale’s Surprising Cameos

Peacemaker's season finale included an appearance by the Justice League themselves; well just four members: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Superman.


Encased in darkness, the superheroes replicate their DCEU counterparts, but we do see Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller reprise their titular roles. Showing up late to the action, Peacemaker voices his frustration and Aquaman himself finally addresses rumours of his sexual infatuation with fish, a running joke throughout the show.

Superman, Aquaman, Flash, and Wonder Woman are in a barn field from Peacemaker's finale.

Jennifer Holland gave her reaction on the cameos, voicing her excitement on bringing these two actors while, comparing their appearances to Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury:

I love it. I love when the different shows and movies can cross over. I think it's fun for fans. I know that, before I was in any of these superhero projects and I was just a fan, it was always fun to see Nick Fury show up at the end of the movie you were watching. You're like, 'Oh, cool!' So I thought that it was going to be really fun.

Holland initially, wasn't sure on how fans would react. But, it did show that Peacemaker and the 11th Street Kids still have a place in this world alongside DC's finest.

Harcourt sits in a bar with a beer bottle in front of her.
You just don't know how people are going to react to it. But I just hoped that people would see, 'Oh, cool. There's a place for all of us in this world.' We're a different tone, and we're a different type of team. Maybe we're not as superhero as some of the superheroes are, but we're in the same world, and there's room for all of us in this world.

Steve Agee also voiced his joy in shooting the scene, having been a long-time fan of the squad:

It was exciting. I am a big Justice League fan. I like those characters. I like the look of the characters. I like the dramatic feel for those movies. I was a fan of [Zack] Snyder's Justice League.
Economos points his thumbs towards himself.

Agee also went into detail on how the segment was filmed, as the suits and figures were included to represent DC's movie characters:

It was so crazy to shoot it. I mean, that's all real. They were standing there. We had Superman on a wire. There was a person hanging there. That wasn't digitally put in there. We had people, same sizes and the same suits. And seeing them silhouetted like that was really amazing for me, as a fan of those movies, to see that. It was awesome.

Peacemaker grew in viewership numbers as the season progressed, with ratings for the finale marking a 44% growth from the premiere. The last episode also accounted for the biggest viewership performance for an HBO Max original in one day.


With The Suicide Squad spin-off's major success, Peacemaker has been renewed for a second season and has the talented James Gunn returning to write and direct all 8 episodes.