The Batman Reportedly Leaves Room for a Sequel

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The Batman is adapting the hero for a new generation and it's likely that Robert Pattinson's version will show up more than once.

Speaking to Total Film, the actor voiced what we can expect from the new iteration. In doing so, he mentioned that the film features a few hints teasing Bruce Wayne's future as the Caped Crusader.

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The Batman Reportedly Leaves Room for a Sequel

While noting how unique this DC adaptation is, Pattinson mentions that the film has a few teasers that hint at a potential follow-up:

I mean, they always have that little bit at the end, that's like: '...and coming up!' But other than that, it feels strangely personal. I think people will be quite shocked at how different it is.
Bruce Wayne stands amidst a crowd of scared people.
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Even though there may be a set-up for more Batman, the Good Time actor emphasises that the Matt Reeves production is a whole film in itself. Telling a mysterious and somewhat scary story, the three-hour tale is expected to surprise fans:

When I saw it the first time, even from the first shot, it does feel incredibly different tonally, to the other movies. It's so strange, and it's sad, and quite touching. It's a really, really unusual Batman story, and it almost seems harder for me to imagine it being a series afterwards.

Pattinson also revealed what drew him to the role, comparing Bruce Wayne to chaotic, past characters he's played before.

The Batman releases in March, though there have been discussions of pushing the DC adaptation back due to rising COVID-19 cases. You can glimpse an intense scene featuring Pattinson and The Riddler, while the newly-released theme of the movie ranks up as one of the franchise’s best.

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