Alan Wake Remastered Could Arrive on Nintendo Switch After Ratings Leak

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Alan Wake will return next month through a remastered rendition of the cult game. Offering 4K visuals, an enhanced Alan Wake character model, and next-gen system features, the remastered version hits shelves on October 5th.

Currently aiming to launch on all major consoles, a Switch release remains absent. However, it seems like Nintendo fans might be able to experience the writer's perilous journey, following the classification of the remaster in Brazil.


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Alan Wake Remastered Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Spotted by VGC on the Brazil Advisory Rating Board, the cult game has been rated for the Nintendo Switch:


Last month, the game was classified in Rakuten Taiwan before its official unveiling at the PlayStation Showcase. If the same pattern continues, a Switch version could be officially announced in the upcoming weeks.

Since the success of Control, Alan Wake 2 news has been continuously circulating, with rumours being strengthened by Remedy's registering of an ‘Alan Wake’s Return’ Trademark. While, Remedy's CEO stated that a "second, smaller-scale game continues in full production mode" for a AAA franchise, with fans speculating that this could in fact be the famed writer's next adventure.