Alan Wake Remastered Spotted On Epic Store Database

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Good news for Alan Wake fans, a Remastered edition has been spotted on the Epic Games Store database. While we've known for some time that Epic are working with Remedy Entertainment, full production recently began and Alan Wake 2 rumours soon followed.

While this wouldn't be the sequel - previous trademarks have suggested that could be called Alan Wake's Return - there may be a wider collaboration with Epic Games than we first realised.

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Alan Wake Remastered Spotted On Epic Store Database

In similar fashion to Final Fantasy VII Remake's potential PC port, this was discovered on EpicData, a site dedicated to tracking the Epic Game Store's back-end data. This time, Alan Wake Remastered was spotted here in the customAttributes folder has an area on Cloud Saves. Specifically, that says "{UserDir}/Remedy/AlanWakeRemastered/"

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We'll have to wait for further details, but considering Control's AWE expansion saw him finally return, we also discovered Remedy's intent to setup a Connected Universe. In that light, a remaster certainly makes sense, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more.