MGM Calls IO Interactive And James Bond A "Match Made In Heaven"

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We've not seen much of IO Interactive's Project 007 so far. Announced last November while Hitman 3 slowly prepared for launch, we're yet to see anything beyond a brief teaser trailer, though it hasn't stopped James Bond's right-holders MGM talking about it.

Sitting down for an interview with, MGM’s VP for Global Consumer Products & Experiences (Robert Marick), and Director of Interactive Business Development (Matthew Suser) both spoke about finding the right developer for this upcoming adaptation.

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MGM Calls IO Interactive And James Bond A "Match Made In Heaven"

Telling an origin story for Bond, Suser elaborated on IO specifically, telling us:

It all comes down to identifying the right development partner. IO is the authority in stealth and agent-oriented games, so they truly were a dream come true in terms of studios to partner with on James Bond. They have a deep, deep passion for the IP, and they’re extraordinarily talented. It’s a match made in heaven, IO Interactive and James Bond, and we’re working on something we think is going to be very special for fans.

It's been nine years since we last saw a James Bond adaptation, when Activision's 007 Legends was critically panned. As such, we're not surprised MGM's been cautious on this occasion. We've yet to see platforms or a release date confirmed for Project 007, but we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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